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Chamak enables distributors and wholesalers to deliver B2B orders using crowdsourced logistics.


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Save fixed costs of delivery logistics and make delivery capacity elastic.

  • Increase Sales: Reach every store in your area and earn more.
  • No Fixed Cost: No fixed costs for logistics and delivery personnel.
  • Elastic Capacity: Adjust delivery capacity according to demand.


Sell to any customers in your area and collect payment confidently.

  • Accept Online Orders: Receive orders online using Chamak app.
  • Send Orders: Send orders to any address using hired logistics.
  • Collect Payments: Receive cash from customers without any costs.

Logistics Owners

Make more money with your distribution assets.

  • Accept Bookings: Get booked directly for on-demand delivery.
  • Utilize Capacity: Maximize the utilization of vehicles.
  • Manage Assets: Keep track of your fleet and earnings.
Logistics Owners

Delivery Associates

Make deliveries and earn money independently in your local area.

  • Drive Vehicles: Transport goods to designated locations.
  • Deliver Products: Ensure timely and safe delivery of products.
  • Collect Cash: Collect cash to ensure smooth transactions.
Delivery Associates

Sales Associates

Earn from the community around you by selling.

  • Sell Products: Earn a commission on every product sold.
  • Support Customers: Help customers choose the right products.
  • Track Sales: Monitor your earnings and performance.
Sales Associates

Local Business Owners

Boost your local business by reaching more customers and managing deliveries effectively.

  • Expand Reach: Access a wider customer base through online orders.
  • Efficient Deliveries: Utilize local logistics for timely deliveries.
  • Manage Sales: Track sales and customer interactions seamlessly.
Local Business Owners

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Reach and sell to every store using the Chamak mobile app, sales agents, and sales associates.


Ensure same-day and next-day delivery of your B2B orders using crowdsourced logistics.


Enjoy maximum benefits on B2B purchasing with our Bondhu flagship membership program.


Deep dive into the market with real-time, error-free sales insights and gain an unmatched advantage.

Our Uniqueness

We are empowering,
Not eliminating

We connect every market participant in a single unified network, making the distribution system more functional and efficient.

Our Story

About Us

Chamak is the first virtual distribution platform in Bangladesh. We are connecting distributors, wholesalers, logistics owners, delivery associates, sales agents, and local business owners in a single unified platform, making distribution elastic and efficieint. 

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Our Story

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