Revolutionizing Distribution

Connecting 700,000+ local distributors and wholesalers with 1 million+ underutilized delivery vehicles to make distribution elastic, CapEx-free, and 50% less costly in Bangladesh.

Our Uniqueness

Utilizing locally available underutilized distribution resources and empowering existing distributors and wholesalers.

Distributor Empowerment

Empower existing distributors and wholesalers to expand their businesses without having their own logistics.

Rural Market Focus

Sixty percent of national consumption happens in the rural market, although it is massively underserved.

Geo Tracked Allocation

Geo-tracked store and route allocation protect the geographic interests of local and regional distributors.

On-Demand Network

Distributors do not need to make any fixed commitments for delivery vehicles and personnel. 

No-Cost Technology

Distributors and wholesalers can use technology to track sales and manage inventory at no cost.

AI-Powered Assistant

An AI-powered procurement assistant helps rural store owners check prices and confirm orders using voice commands.

An array of benifits

Our distribution platform offers benefits for every platform user.

Rural Shop Owners

  • Avoid in-person visits to purchase inventories
  • Save transportation costs and hassles
  • Purchase at your convenience

Local Distributors or Wholesalers

  • Use crowdsourced logistics when required
  • Reduces both capital and operating expenses
  • Modernize your distribution network

Logistics Owners

  • Connect effortlessly and secure your booking
  • Make use of capacity that is not fully utilized
  • Take control of your schedule and increase earning

We envision to generate USD 1 billion in revenue and become a profitable NASDAQ company by 2033.

Debasish Chakraborty

Founder and CEO


Let’s work together to enhance efficiency in Bangladesh.