Business Inventories

Tailored to Your Business Needs

Welcome to, where we’re transforming your inventory sourcing experience. Elevate your profitability and relish the convenience of obtaining all your essentials directly from your business location. Say goodbye to the hassle of visiting numerous wholesalers or intermediaries today.

  • High-Quality Inventories

    We recognize that your business's success relies on the quality of your products. That's why we exclusively source inventories from trusted, authentic suppliers or allow authorized distributor only to sell their products in our platform.

  • The Most Competitive Prices

    We understand that buying at lowest possible price fuel business growth. Thus, we guarantee to provide sourcing that maximizes savings and offers the most competitive pricing in the market.

  • Free and Timely Delivery

    Concerned about logistics and costs? No need. We provide free and timely delivery for businesses, cutting down on your expenses and hassles.

  • Easiest Processing

    Say goodbye to unnecessary verifications and lengthy procedures. Our pre-approved limit allows you to access trade finance without the hassle of visiting a bank or institution.

  • Flexible Repayment

    Tailor your repayment to seamlessly align with your business demands. Currently, we provide eligible customers with the choice of 7-day or 14-day repayment options.

  • Competitive Charges

    Our financing fees mirror the same competitive spirit as our inventory pricing. These charges vary based on the credit period you select. Plus, enjoy the freedom from extra charges if you decide to prepay your borrowings.

Short-term Trade Finance

Affordable Short-term Financing Solution

If you are a small and independent business and you
are facing difficulties accessing finance from
commercial banks? Struggling with high interest
rates from local lenders or NGOs? No need to worry
– we’re here to address your short-term trade
finance requirements.

We offer 7-day or 14-day short-term trade finance
solutions for your eligible purchases. Sell first and
pay later, easing your cash flow concerns.

Deep Rural Distribution

Cap-Ex Free Rural Distribution

We specialize in providing last-mile distribution to
the remote rural markets of Bangladesh. Our
advanced order processing platform seamlessly
connects you directly with retail stores, enabling
independent order processing or through your sales
representatives. We ensure swift delivery of your
products, reaching your customers in the shortest
time possible. The best part? You won’t need to
invest in fixed logistics costs – our model is based on
variable costs for distribution. Additionally, you’ll
have access to real-time sales analytics from every
corner of the country.

  • Deep Rural Market Reach

    Our coverage spans up to 97% of stores in any area we operate, a feat unachievable through traditional distribution methods. We grant you access to the deepest rural markets that existing networks struggle to reach

  • Zero Capex Required

    Access any store without spending a single Taka on delivery or distribution network development. Leverage our fulfillment centers and crowdsourced logistics network for efficient product distribution.

  • Real-time Analytics

    Elevate your production planning and business intelligence with our real-time sales data feed on your product distribution. Monitor sales from GPSlocated stores and track your sales representatives' visits using our platform. Unlock the full potential of the market with our comprehensive distribution solution.

Chamak Empowering small businesses with seamless inventory, swift finance, and affordable distribution.