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Nurturing Growth and Innovation

Join us at Chamak and be part of our journey. We foster innovation and personal growth in a collaborative environment. Explore our open positions and help shape the future with us. Your journey begins here.

Our Culture

Learn By Doing or Experimenting

At Chamak, we foster a culture of hands-on learning and experimentation. We believe that true growth comes from actively engaging in experiences and trying out new ideas. We encourage our team members to step into the realm of practical learning, where each endeavor becomes a chance to discover, innovate, and evolve.


We value those who embody an entrepreneurial spirit. Chamak celebrates individuals who dare to challenge conventional norms, infusing the power of creative thinking and experimentation into everything they do. If you're passionate about breaking barriers and pushing boundaries, you'll find a home here.

Competency-Based Evaluation

Our approach to evaluating our team's performance is rooted in competencies. We believe that a skill based assessment provides a clearer understanding of an individual's strengths and areas for growth. At Chamak, you're not just a part of the team; you're recognized for the unique competencies you bring to the table

Exciting Opportunities Await!

Chamak is currently hiring on a rolling basis. If you’r ready to join our dynamic team, we invite you to share your CV with us at Your journey with Chamak starts here.